Dr. Tsarfaty Orly

תמונה של המרצה  
Senior Lecturer 

I am a member of the academic staff since 1996. I graduated with a master's degree in mass communication from the

Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a doctoral dissertation from the University of Paris 8 in France.

 My areas of research are communication in the religious and ultra-Orthodox society, Hebrew journalism; Communication and gender; Minority groups in the media; The Israeli Community.


I have published two books (one in France), and the other, From Oslo to the Disengagement as well as articles.

 Between  2009-2012 I served as the head of the Department of Communication.

 Between  2018 - 2020 I served as the head of the Multidisciplinary Department in the Social Sciences

 I founded the academic journal "Gender" which I also Co-Eedit .


Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Jewish Communication - "Kesher" - published by Tel Aviv University.


Fields of interest : media in orthodox society
media and minorities

Hebrew Journalism
Israel society
media and gender