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 Borenstein-Nativ, Keren. (2021). Financial Governance in a Neoliberal Era: Controlling the Banks by Controlling their Managerial Recruitment Sources. Journal of Banking Regulation, 22, 232-249.

Download File (opens in a new tab)   Borenstein-Nativ, Keren. (2017). Misconduct Costs of Banks – The Meaning Behind the Figures. Banking and Finance Law Review, 32(3), 495-528 (with Plato-Shinar, Ruth).
Download File (opens in a new tab)   Borenstein, Keren. (2003). 3G Where Art Thou? On What Can and Can't be Learned from the UMTS Spectrum Auctions in Europe. Communications & Strategies, 50(2), 215-235 (with Schejter, Amit).